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The Benefits of Boxing for Exercise

While boxing is a high-profile sport that divides opinion, it can also be used purely as exercise for fitness. This involves no concerns about long-term injuries from receiving punches while offering an excellent means to get fit. Here are a few of the many health benefits of boxing for exercise. Improving Your Cardiovascular Health The [...]

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Everyday Fitness — Supporting Your Gym Sessions

So you’ve started going regularly to the gym and you’ve established a programme with a trainer. Congratulations — it’s the single most valuable thing you can do to get fit, whether your aim is to build muscles or lose weight. That doesn’t mean, though, it’s OK to be a couch potato the rest of the [...]

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High Intensity Interval Training — Less Time, More Effect for Weight Loss

There are many approaches to exercising for weight-loss, but one that’s growing in popularity is high intensity interval training (HIIT). It’s received a boost this month with research, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, which suggests that HIIT may be 28.5% more effective than alternative approaches. What Is HIIT? HIIT is an approach [...]

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Six Small Lifestyle Changes That Can Bring Big Results

So we’ve all overindulged at Christmas, and we’ve all promised ourselves a “new year, new me”. Hopefully that’s going well, but we all know the real challenge isn’t making resolutions — it’s sticking to them long term. Nothing can replace a well-planned exercise and diet regime, but small lifestyle changes can support it. Here are [...]

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Enjoying Christmas Without Going Flabby

It’s not easy to stay fit over the festive season. What with the parties and dinners in the run-up, the overindulgence and TV marathons at Christmas itself, celebrating New Year — the temptation is to throw fitness to the wind and start again in January. It doesn’t have to be a choice between celebrating and [...]

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How Long Should I Work Out For?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions in relation to fitness. Is a short 15-minute session on the way to work enough to produce great results? Or do you need a long, hard, 2-hour session working every muscle to the extreme? The answer to both of these, is most simply, no. Before we [...]

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The Importance of a Planned Fitness Programme

Most of us know that regular exercise is vital for our health. We live a more sedentary lifestyle today than at any time in history, and without making a special effort we risk obesity, heart disease and diabetes. As it is, 30% of children are considered overweight or obese. Even many who do decide to [...]

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