Client Testimonials

Here are a few real life examples of our Vibe Fitness Gym clients and what they achieved by working with us to meet their goals.

“I’m now working towards looking great in my wedding dress and I know that Vibe will make sure this happens!”

After a year of living in leggings and baggy dresses I knew It was time I had to do something about the way I felt and my weight.

I researched some local gyms and decided to go in to a few for free trial sessions, instantly after my taster session with Vibe I was hooked. I opted for the Premier membership where I got 2 personal training sessions a week and also took advantage of the free classes run by the trainers as well as training by myself using the programme designed for me by Vibe.

Soon after joining vibe I realised that my lifestyle had to change and this was not going to be a quick fitness fix or fad diet and the Vibe trainers consistently push me to achieve new goals and to improve my fitness levels.

Jenny B

“Now 13st from 19st and ready to improve my fitness and physique to a level I have never achieved before.”

I weighed 19 stone and got out of breath walking upstairs.

Having been a member of several large chain gyms in the past my motivation never lasted, once they had your money they rarely gave any attention or help and after a few months and I never bothered going again. Not so Vibe, from the start the trainers are friendly, always willing to correct exercise technique and are available for pointers on diet. You get a new exercise programme monthly tailored to your goals which keeps your motivation high.

The real secret for me has been buddy sessions with a trainer which not only pushed me a bit more on the exercises but increased my drive to achieve my goal.

Kevin H

“I hated going to the gym when I was younger and now It’s part of my daily routine. ”

Two and half years ago I joined Vibe fitness, during this time I have lost nearly 4 stone.

In the last year I have trained with director owner Fraser he pushed me to places I never thought I could go and he will never know how much I appreciate what he has done for me has made me a stronger person.

His knowledge and understanding of my illness has allowed me to reach higher limits, he worked hard personally with me in and out of the gym to build my fitness and lift my confidence. Vibe will change your life.

Adam L

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